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These prints are reproduced on modern photographic paper.  The glass plates negatives were scanned and the prints were produced from them. The quality from these glass plates is  exceptional. Where the glass plates were not available the images were scanned from good quality photographs.  The reproductions from these is  still  very good.


Three sizes are available       8x12 inches for $40
                                              12x16 inches for $65
                                              16 x20 inches for $80
Choose the options to select the sizes

$40.00 each Endurance by Day ( from distant )
$40.00 each Frank Hurley in front of the Endurance
$40.00 each Endurance by Day
$40.00 each Endurance at Night
$40.00 each Tom Crean and the Husky Pups
$40.00 each Ice Flowers
$40.00 each Endurance Port Side
$40.00 each James Caird
$40.00 each Endurance Rear starboard
$40.00 each Night Watchman
$40.00 each Frank Hurley and Ernest Shackleton
$40.00 each Endurance Night Port side
$40.00 each Endurance Weddell Sea
$40.00 each Endurance, Winter with Huskies
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