The story of the Endurance



Leaving Burnoe Airies

The endurance and her crew left Burnoe Airies  with much fan fair and enthusiasm. Thousands of people lined the harbor to see them off. {gallery}Departure{/gallery}.





Entering the ice Pack

Several weeks out from Buenos Airies the Endurance struck the pack ice. The job then became to navigate though the ice. The Endurance had to find leeds ( clear passages of water amongst the pack ice ), that she had to steer down. The path then  became a very indirect route to Antarctica.

{gallery}The pack ice{/gallery}.


Getting stuck

The Endurance became stuck only about 20 or so miles from Antarctica, and despite all attempts to move her to an open leed, she became stuck for the winter.



{gallery}Getting stuck{/gallery}


The husky Pups


Several litters of husky pups were born during the journey. These  pups became companions, and with the other dogs became a source of interest and occupation during the long winter.



{gallery}the huskies{/gallery}



One the Ice


Once the Endurance was  finally crushed and sank, Shackleton and the crew had no choice but to camp on the ice. All the available supplies had to be taken off the ship and camp made on the ice. Initially Shackleton had the idea to  haul the boats to land, though after such slow progress was achieved, this was abandoned and the first camp Ocean camp was established. Later on Patience camp was established several miles away on the ice.   Shackleton and his crew were there for 6 months on several different places before the ice  became too thin for them and they had to  take to the boats.




Mid Winter



This photo taken very much at in the middle of winter is probable the most iconic image from the expedition.  Frank  Hurley had to take 20 flash images using flash powder to illuminate  the ship.{gallery}night ship{/gallery}.




The Destruction






The Elephant Island


{gallery}elephant island{/gallery}



The Voyage of the James Caird


{gallery}James caird{/gallery}.



The Rescue


Shackleton after 3 attempts was finally  able to rescue his men from elephant island. They all returned to valpariso to a heros welcome. Shackleton facing all the ordeals that he did with all the decisions he made, did not loose one life.

{gallery}the rescue{/gallery}